Our clients consider us to be a trusted resource. Our diverse clientele and the problems we have solved for them is an indication of our wide experience. Our clients in Forensic / Investigative Accounting and Litigation Support projects have included, but are not limited to:

  • Law Firms – Work for both plaintiffs and defendants re: various civil matters; business disputes; civil litigation; lawsuit and litigation support;  interview of witnesses; loss of income matters; employee termination; location of assets; location of individuals; family law and matrimonial matters; case evaluation; background checks; document review; report writing; testifying in court.
  • Defence Attorneys – Case evaluation; project planning, review of Crown/Police reports; interview of witnesses; draft questions for Crown/plaintiff witnesses; document review; report writing; testifying in court.
  • Businesses and Organizations – Review of business, management and administrative procedures with a view to improving overall operational effectiveness; recommendations for revisions to existing procedures; recruiting individuals for financial and other important positions; fraud investigations; review of supplier invoicing; investigation of possible employee theft; review of royalties owing; interview of employees; meetings with legal counsel; report writing.
  • Insurance Companies and Insurance Adjusters – Insurance fraud; insurance claims; bonding claims; loss of income claims; fire losses; break and enter losses; theft; fraud in corporations and credit unions; document review; report writing; lectures to insurance investigators and adjusters.
  • Financial Institutions – Loan losses; document review and financial analysis; report writing.
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario – Investigation of Chartered Accountants; document review; accumulation of additional documents; interview of witnesses; preparation of investigative reports; meetings with legal counsel; meetings with Professional Conduct Committee; testifying before ICAO Discipline Committee.
  • Shareholders and other owners – Shareholder / ownership disputes; document review; meetings with legal counsel.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) – Fraud investigations and analysis; various projects for Integrated Market Enforcement Team (IMET), Anti-drug profiteering section; Bankruptcy section; Stock market section; General fraud section;  Customs and Excise section; document review; questions for witnesses, interview of witnesses, review of search warrant wording, attendance on searches, internal hiring, miscellaneous matters, presentation of seminars on various matters; report writing; testifying in court.
  • Competition Bureau Canada – Fraud investigations and analysis; document review; attendance on searches; report writing.
  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) – Fraud investigations and analysis; document review; interview of witnesses; questions for witnesses for court; report writing; testifying in court.
  • Municipal Police Forces – Fraud investigations and analysis; arson investigations; document review; interview of witnesses; questions for witnesses for court; report writing; testifying in court.
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Ontario (WSIB) – Fraud investigation in health care industry; document review; report writing.
  • Federal and Provincial Government organizations – Project analysis; document review; conduct interviews; report writing.
  • Investigative and Police organizations – Lectures and seminars on investigative procedures.