Our clients consider us to be a trusted resource. Our diverse clientele and the problems we have solved for them is an indication of our wide experience. Our clients in Forensic and Investigative Accounting and Litigation Support projects have included, but are not limited to:

  • LAW FIRMS – Work for both plaintiffs and defendants re: various civil matters; business disputes; civil litigation; lawsuit and litigation support;  interview of witnesses; loss of income matters; employee termination; location of assets; location of individuals; family law and matrimonial matters; case evaluation; background checks; document review; report writing; testifying in court.
  • DEFENCE ATTORNEYS – Case evaluation; project planning, review of Crown and Police reports; interview of witnesses; draft questions for Crown and Plaintiff witnesses; document review; report writing; testifying in court.
  • BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS – Review of business, management and administrative procedures with a view to improving overall operational effectiveness; recommendations for revisions to existing procedures; recruiting individuals for financial and other important positions; fraud investigations; review of supplier invoicing; investigation of possible employee theft; review of royalties owing; interview of employees; meetings with legal counsel; report writing.
  • INSURANCE COMPANIES AND INSURANCE ADJUSTERS – Insurance fraud; insurance claims; bonding claims; loss of income claims; fire losses; break and enter losses; theft; fraud in corporations and credit unions; document review; report writing; lectures to insurance investigators and adjusters.
  • FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS – Loan losses; document review and financial analysis; report writing.
  • INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS OF ONTARIO – Investigation of Chartered Professional Accountants; document review; accumulation of additional documents; interview of witnesses; preparation of investigative reports; meetings with legal counsel; meetings with Professional Conduct Committee; testifying before ICAO Discipline Committee.
  • SHAREHOLDERS AND OTHER OWNERS – Shareholder and ownership disputes; document review; meetings with legal counsel.
  • ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (RCMP) – Fraud investigations and analysis; various projects for Integrated Market Enforcement Team (IMET), Anti-drug profiteering section; Bankruptcy section; Stock market section; General fraud section;  Customs and Excise section; document review; questions for witnesses, interview of witnesses, review of search warrant wording, attendance on searches, internal hiring, miscellaneous matters, presentation of seminars on various matters; report writing; testifying in court.
  • COMPETITION BUREAU CANADA – Fraud investigations and analysis; document review; attendance on searches; report writing.
  • ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE (OPP) – Fraud investigations and analysis; document review; interview of witnesses; questions for witnesses for court; report writing; testifying in court.
  • MUNICIPAL POLICE FORCES – Fraud investigations and analysis; arson investigations; document review; interview of witnesses; questions for witnesses for court; report writing; testifying in court.
  • WORKPLACE SAFETY AND INSURANCE BOARD ONTARIO (WSIB) – Fraud investigation in health care industry; document review; report writing.
  • FEDERAL AND PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS – Project analysis; document review; conduct interviews; report writing.
  • INVESTIGATIVE AND POLICE ORGANIZATIONS – Lectures and seminars on investigative procedures.

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