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At John Douglas Forensic Accounting we have been specializing in business investigations, fraud investigations and litigation support work for close to 35 years. Our experience extends across multiple industries and sectors including Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Health Care, Financial Services, Stock Markets, Insurance Companies, the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, municipal governments and many others.

Our firm specializes in Forensic / Investigative Accounting and Litigation Support. Over the years, we have assisted many law firms and their business and personal clients in a variety of legal and financial matters. We have acted for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Civil matters, and for both Crown and Defendants in Criminal matters. In addition, we have acted for various other parties in situations requiring Forensic / Investigative Accounting procedures, and Litigation Support.

Our policy is to provide prospective clients and their legal counsel with a FREE one hour consultation.

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Need a good forensic accounting firm? Then you've come to the right place!

  • Are you missing valuable assets?
  • Do you suspect fraud, theft or other inappropriate activity?
  • Are you involved in a business or a matrimonial dispute?
  • Do you need due diligence assistance in an acquisition or sale you are considering?
  • Are you involved in a lawsuit as plaintiff or defendant?
  • Are you contemplating a lawsuit?
  • Are you having problems with a stock broker or financial advisor?
  • Have you been charged with a criminal offence of a financial nature?
  • Are you a Police or Government agency contemplating a financial investigation?

If you have a problem, we can help; we can provide assistance in Forensic / Investigative Accounting and Litigation Support.

Based in Toronto, Canada we operate across Canada and the United States.